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Tree Care Tips

Here are a few pointers to keep your tree fresh for the entire Christmas Season

  • Your fresh tree will consume a considerable amount of water after it has been cut, in fact nearly half of the tree’s weight is water. So we highly recommend watering your tree twice a day!

  • Always keep the water line above the base of the tree while in the stand. This will avoid sap from sealing the cut, which would prohibit the tree from taking water. With many stands, there can still be water in the stand even though the base of the tree is no longer submerged in water.

  • When you get home it is recommended to make a fresh cut from the base of the trunk before putting it in the stand to insure there is no loss of water uptake by the tree. If you will not be putting the tree in the stand directly, place the tree in a bucket of water and store in a cool place.

  • We also recommend to use a stand that fits your tree. Avoid whittling the sides of the trunk down to fit a stand. The outer layers of wood are the most efficient in taking up water and should not be removed


  • Keep trees away from major sources of heat (fireplaces, heaters, heat vents, direct sunlight). Lowering the room temperature will slow the drying process, resulting in less water consumption each day.

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